Dr. Ann Lowe, NP, Ph.D.

Dr. Ann Lowe, NP, Ph.D.

Dr. Lowe is also a Certified Health Coach, and has been working in the health care industry for over 30 years.





Ph.D.: UCLA School of Nursing
MSN: UCLA School of Nursing / Nurse Practitioner
BSN: California State University, Los Angeles



American Nurses Association: Geriatric Nurse Practitioner
Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist: California College of Ayurveda
Certification for fMRI scanning for UCLA Brain Mapping (2008)


Licensures (State of California)

Registered Nurse
Nurse Practitioner — Certified
Nurse Practitioner Furnishing License



  • Owner: East Meets West Health Care Center (Alternative Medicine and Bioidentical Hormone Replacement)
  • Nurse Practitioner at Cedars Sinai Medical Center, St. Bernardine Medical Center, Hemet Valley Hospital, Good Samaritan Hospital
  • Private practice (Specializing in cardiology/rheumatology and the California Prison System)
  • ICU Nurse and Geriatric Nurse Practitioner
  • Head Nurse/Nurse Practitioner in HUD-funded geriatric center




  • Doctoral Dissertation, UCLA (“Brain Mechanisms in Aromatherapy: fMRI and Mood Changes in Response to Odors in Females with Functional Abdominal Pain”)
  • Research Assistant, UCLA School of Nursing (Hepatitis vaccination program on Skid Row in Los Angeles to evaluate sheltered men and women regarding the effectiveness of a theoretically-based HAV/HBV vaccination intervention, focused primarily on completion of the combined Twinrix HAV/HBV vaccination series, and secondarily on risk reduction of HAV, HBV, HCV and HIV)
  • Research Assistant, UCLA School of Nursing (The Meaning of Prostate Cancer Treatment-Related Incontinence and Erectile Dysfunction for Low-Income Latino and African American Men.  (Used qualitative research using to study the response of Latino males to the diagnoses and treatment of prostate cancer.)




  • 2010: Winner of the Patsy A. Perry Biological Nursing Award for the Sigma Theta Western Institute of Nursing (“Brain Mechanisms in Aromatherapy: fMRI and Mood Changes in Response to Odors in Females with Functional Abdominal Pain”)
  • 2008: Recipient of the Alsace Lovelace Brain Mapping Center award ($5,000)
  • 2007: Recipient of the Oppenheimer Seed Grant for CAIM ($30,000)
  • 2007: Recipient of the Sigma Theta Tau Gamma Tau Grant ($4,500)
  • 2005: Recipient of scholarship to the UCLA Graduate Summer Research Mentorship Program
  • 2004-2005 University Fellowship Award: University of California, Los Angeles
  • 1986: Certified by the American Nurses Association as a Geriatric Nurse Practitioner
  • 1983: Certified by the American Nurses Association as a Family Nurse Practitioner


Dr. Lowe’s Commitment:

I have worked in health care over 30 years in hospitals, clinics, prisons and Skid Row. Medications are used far too often, when getting to a proper weight would solve the problem. The good life starts with a peaceful mind, which allows you to make better choices. If you are interested in committing yourself to better health and happiness in 2014, I will be your personal coach, help you lose weight safely and quickly, and together we'll help you achieve your goals. Call and let’s talk!

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